Small Hot Tub

Small hot tubs are a great investment in yourself. Perfect for individuals and for one person and their partner, the small hot tub is economical to buy, inexpensive to own, and cheaper to operate. So if your spa isn’t going to be one of the focal points of home life, or used for big parties, then the small spa is the right choice.

The typical small spa is built for one or two people, making them ideal for just taking a relaxing soak at the end of the day. Getting your serenity back after a long day at work is no small thing! And the smaller dimensions make them perfect for an intimate evening with your partner, as well, because they encourage the kind of closeness that builds that intimacy.
The smaller spa is also the perfect choice for spa therapy. For thousands of years, hot springs and now hot tubs have been used not only for relaxation (spirit therapy!) but also to relieve a lot of aches and pains.

Minor pains and aching

Sore muscles are relieved by the hot water, which is a lot more effective than radiant heat. Stretching out in the small spa, especially if it has jets, is great for flexibility and joint stiffness. The jets make wonderful massagers to work out knots. And the heat and jets open blood vessels, increasing blood flow to help remove toxins after a workout and also help with healing of minor muscle injuries. (Be sure to talk to your doctor first if you have muscle injuries, however!)

Arthritis Pain

For arthritis, a spa works a lot like the heated wax bins you may use for finger/wrist discomfort. Unlike the wax bins, however, it has this effect over the entire body while simultaneously relieving the muscle tension that comes along with arthritic pain.

Help with Sleep

Rather than using chemical sleep aids, many people find a lot of relief by taking a soak in their small hot tub. Take a soak later in the evening, and an hour or so after getting out, sleep will come much more easily. Just don’t go to bed right after getting out, as that can cause overheating in a lot of people.

 For efficient, economical hot tubs that are perfect for relaxing and are therapeutic, you can’t go wrong with a small spa. Especially ones Engineered for the Colorado High Country.